I think I’ve mentioned once or twice that I read a lot. The other day I came across an article summarizing a study that began in 1921, when this guy named Lewis Terman began a research project with 1500 elementary children. The study lasted 80 years. Terman himself died in 1956, but fortunately for us, his work was continued by other researchers.

The study had a variety of interesting ideas to contemplate, some of which go against the age-old longevity beliefs of working less and avoiding stress, but the one which riveted my attention was about sex. (So sue me, I’m human.)

Apparently, the research concluded that the women who reported having the most, shall we say, frequent fun in bed, were also the ones who lived the longest. Ok, I get that. Dr. Oz has talked about the same thing on his television show.

But now it’s gotten my full attention. Today I’m looking at all the women I know who are past 80 or 85 with new eyes. Did they really do it more often than their friends who died at a younger age? Are they still doing it? And if so… with whom?

Just some food for thought to go along with your Cheerios this morning. And maybe some motivation to do something today that will help you live a little longer.

You can thank me later.