Every Monday I receive an email graphically displaying the numbers who read my blog each day the previous week. Notice I didn’t say the “masses” checking in. I have a modest readership, and I am very happy to have them.

But an interesting thing happened 10 days ago when my average readership more than tripled in a single day! Excitedly, I thought perhaps I’d been “discovered” at last! Unfortunately, that numerical jump only lasted one measly day, and I decided to find out why…

My blog, as you know if you’re reading this far, is an eclectic assortment of life coaching tips, Law of Attraction stories, humorous personal experiences, adventures in the business of writing, and most anything else that catches my attention and causes me to pause and mull it over for a moment.

We were all told as youth not to judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately, many people do just that, and apparently they judge a blog post by its title as well. Today my statistics prove it. It wasn’t my thought-provoking or entertaining writing that drew the crowd.

The high “blip” on my stat report was for a post entitled “Trophy Beer.” I can’t wait to see what kind of numbers my “Sex and longevity” title produces!