According to the Deanmark website, an “AirMouse” begins with the human form and builds functionality around it. The AirMouse allegedly increases your mousing speed and accuracy by aligning itself with the ligaments of your hand and wrist.

It looks kind of like a glove with most of the fabric missing. There are two “buttons” for right and left click attached to the index and middle fingers, respectively. I’m still trying to figure out how a person could type with this “innovation” strapped on.

I recently discovered I’ve had my own AirMouse for quite some time. Seems a small rodent had climbed up into my car’s air filter and made himself a comfortable little nest. The unfortunate mouse had also brought in a store of food. Food that included some poisoned pellets from the supply in my garage.

The mouse remains were discovered in the air filter when I had the oil changed. I’d been smelling “something dead” for a couple weeks, so I wasn’t surprised when the source was revealed. What surprised me, after googling the name I chose for my traveling car pet, was that there was already something called an “AirMouse” available on the market.

But I doubt anyone will get them confused.