When I was a preteen, I remember watching in fascination as my oldest younger brother hurled watermelon. No, he wasn’t throwing it—he was throwing it UP. A virtual hot pink fountain of fruit juice.

I was reminded of this recently when I went out on my deck to fling watermelon rinds into the backyard so they could become one with the universe. A multitude of birds seem to enjoy picking at them, and I’ve seen small animals ferreting out the seeds.

I like to think I’m being ecologically responsible, but really, I’m just trying to avoid filling my garbage can with things that will, to my way of thinking, biodegrade. And it makes me feel good just to hurl ring after ring of it out into the air. So cathartic!

So let’s apply this concept as a metaphor for flinging out all the things you’ve got stacked up inside your head—the worries that are taking up space that could be better used for more fun and entertaining ideas. Imagine slinging out all the grief, all the mental garbage, way out into your backyard—really purging your mind of everything cluttering up your life energy and joy. Fling! Fling! Fling! Fling! Fling!

Whew! That was great! Now I’m feeling fantastic, and I hope you are too!