Three months and a day ago, right in the middle of an evening holiday party, I was asked if I thought I’d ever publish an eBook.

“I seriously doubt it,” I honestly replied. “I’m a traditional book lover.”

Like I said, that was three months and a day ago. Today, thanks to the constant encouragement (let’s call it gently insistent prodding) of my JanBonoBooks business manager, I have no less than FIVE eBooks available.

Although they’ve been published through, they can now be purchased to read on almost any type of electronic format you can imagine, including Kindle, Nook, Mobi, ePub, iPad, iPhone, and so on.

A part of me is thrilled with this additional exposure, which appeared almost like magic, while a part of me is still clinging tenaciously to the previous century.

In the early 1980s, my fourth grade students read a science fiction story written by Isaac Asimov in 1951 called “The Fun They Had,” in which books had all been replaced by computers screens.

My class had mixed reviews and a heated debate on the possibility of this happening by the year 2157, as Asimov projected. I voiced my beliefs as well.

“It’ll never happen,” I foolishly assured them.

So I find it only fitting that the first buyer of one of my eBooks turned out to be one of those very students.

“Never” has arrived!