Bazaar season officially begins this weekend, and I’ll be hanging out at the Peninsula Church Center hawking my books and enjoying the pie.

There’s always a good time to be had at Holiday Bazaars and Craft Fairs, and I attend at least six or eight of them each year as a vendor. I would attend more, but I’ve been shut out of a few because they don’t consider my books “hand crafted.”

For the record: I wrote the book, I edited it, I got the ISBN and did the formatting, added pictures, designed the cover, even took the author’s photo myself! And yet, technically, I did not “print” the book. I did, however, email the manuscript to the printer in Centralia, and picked up the finished product a few weeks later.

Yes, some old paradigms still exist and you can’t fight them there good old biddies who don’t ever want anything to change… But I digress!

This weekend, I’ll enjoy meeting and greeting hundreds of lovely people at the Peninsula Church Center, 5000 N Street in Seaview, and some of them will be eager to buy my books. And for that I am grateful. Almost as grateful as I am for the pie!

So come on by and say hello, Friday and Saturday, 10-4.