I came home with over 1200 pictures from my recent trip to England and Scotland. A few of them are rather good. But I also came home with nearly a dozen “souvenir books” in which the pictures (and descriptions!) are all very good!

From Stonehenge to the London Eye, Blenheim Palace to the Roman Baths, Edinburgh Castle to Shakespeare’s Birthplace, I have them all spread out on my coffee table, beloved and cherished friends, reminding me of my last great adventure. And yes, I’ve read them!

For an average of just five pounds apiece, I brought home these fabulous souvenirs to treasure over and over again, delighting in personal memories that enhance each one.

I also brought back 47 “refrigerator magnets,” which inadvertently created the angst of either buying a second refrigerator, or eliminating some of the magnets which already adorned the front and both sides of the one I have.

These magnets, colorful, quirky, unique and inexpensive, are actually my souvenir of choice. Small, easy to pack, and virtually unbreakable. Every time I look at them, I’m reminded of the amazing places I’ve visited, and a little spark of joyful serotonin and other positive endorphins light up in my brain whenever I see them.

I considered choosing just one or two to represent each of my travels, but that just doesn’t do it for me. I need to be constantly bombarded by this interesting collection of happy crap! I love my magnets, a constant reminder of some very good times: Italy! Austria! Cabo! Hawaii! New Orleans! Pigeon Forge! Hannibal! Victoria! Cape May! Sun Valley! El Paso! New England! and now good Old England and Scotland, just to name a few!

So I’m having a “faux fridge front” made to cover the closet door in the kitchen. Problem solved. And it gives me lots more room for lots more travels!