Good grief! Being “retired” is definitely “re-tired” these days. Or as a friend of mine refers to it, “Exhaustipated!”

What I hear most from other “retirees” mirrors my own sentiments exactly: “When did I ever have time to go to work?”

The hours, days, weeks, months, go speeding by, but none any faster than November, which, to prove my point, was over 3 days ago. Yikes!

Twenty-four hours in a day ought to be plenty, but it never feels like everything will “all” get done. Whatever “all” is.

Stretched to the max, I continue to take things on, wondering why in the world I haven’t learned the word “No.”

I suppose that’s because “No” means I’m not Superwoman, and I AM Superwoman, so I’ll do it! Of course I can do it! Yes! That’s me raising my hand there, one more time to volunteer!

And looking forward to January, which was a very odd thing for me to say back when I “worked”!