There’s no explaining the rush of excitement of Christmas Eve. Even as a chronological adult, I can’t help but tingle with anticipation as soon as it begins to get dark on December 24th.

For millions of Christian folks, it’s the end of Advent, and time for the Child to grace the manger in their créches, both at home and at the church of their choice. The waiting is over.

For millions of children, it’s time to watch at the window for any sign of Santa’s sleigh, and well I remember doing just that, until the stars blurred in front of my eyes, and I was sure Rudolph’s blinking nose was quite visible in the clear night sky.

For me, it might just be the naive belief that all things are possible, and magical, and right with the world for just this one evening. Reindeer really can fly, world peace is possible, and the Mariners have a definite shot at the pennant next year.

What the heck, it’s Christmas Eve! Magical thinking is allowed!

May you all receive your heart’s desires on this very special night, and if take a little time to count your blessings, you may not need to open any presents tomorrow morning to be perfectly happy with what you already have.