Tonight’s the night! Break out the sequined dresses and fancy canapés- it’s time to celebrate the 85th annual Oscars!
I admit it! There’s something about this night of Hollywood glitz and glitter that sucks me right in. I enjoy immersing myself in a kind of shimmering fandom and letting the real world, and all its assorted and sundry problems, just slip away.

I’ve seen six of the nine nominated movies for best picture, which gives me a better than average chance of having seen this year’s winner. (And for the record, I don’t believe the other three films are even worth seeing.)

But tonight is about more than just rooting for your favorite flicks.  And while it’s great to acknowledge and celebrate the talent, for me it’s more about suspending disbelief, disengaging our critical minds and enjoying an elaborate fantasy world for a couple hours. It’s about a well-told story, and it’s about the magic.

So you can bet your boots I’ll be watching the show this evening, even though  I already know who the biggest winner is… After 12 days in the hospital, my friend Rick has been sent home. And THAT is an event truly worth celebrating!