Concerning gun control: On this date in 1998, a 13-year-old and an 11-year-old shot and killed four fellow students and a teacher in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Nine other students and one teacher were wounded. These two boys set off the fire alarm and sat in the woods overlooking the school with two semi-automatic rifles, one bolt-action rifle and four handguns.

That was 15 years ago.

Concerning the environment: On March 24, 1989, the Exxon Valdez, a 987-foot oil tanker, ran aground on a reef in Alaska’s Prince William Sound, spilling over 200,000 barrels of oil. That’s more than 11 million gallons. It was one of the largest and most devastating environmental disasters of our time. Approximately 250,000 seabirds, 3,000 sea otters, 300 harbor seals, 250 bald eagles and 22 orcas died as a result of the spill.

That was 24 years ago.

Concerning foreign aid: In 1949, President Harry S. Truman authorized $16 million in aid for Ralestinian refugees displaced and facing starvation as a result of Israel’s War of Independence.

That was 64 years ago.

Concerning terrorism (Also know as: Payback’s a bitch): In 1944, following the murder of 32 German soldiers by Italian Resistance in Rome, Nazis execute 300 civilians.

That was 69 years ago.

These sample statements pretty much speak for themselves. Sadly, you can find similar examples representing almost every day of the year. As my friend Idaho Steve often asks me: “And have we learned from this?”

Perhaps someday we will…