I’m not nearly as brave as our friend Teri Dodson. Teri wanted to live on Maui, so she went on Craig’s List late last fall and found not only a great job, but also a woman looking for a roommate on the island of her dreams.

And while I dearly loved all three of my trips to Maui, I don’t think I could live full time on an island five flight hours from the mainland. I think I’d soon get claustrophobic; it’s just too small for me.

But spending at least two whole weeks every year relaxing in the shade of palm trees, swimming in the ocean with the sea turtles, enjoying unbelievable sunshine day after day and temperatures guaranteed to dry the webbing out from between your toes—now that’s the kind of thing my dreams are made of!

And I know exactly what you’re thinking. You’re thinking there’s no way you could afford a dream like that. I used to think the same thing. But let me tell you, for your own sanity, that you may not be able to afford not taking the money and the time to travel.

“Getting the hell out of Dodge,” was the most loving, prudent thing I could do for myself after the bumpy ride of the past six months. And the money I spent, well, it’s only money. What price is restored mental health, anyway?

So here’s my secret: I have a special “travel account” I pay a little into each payday. It’s just another “bill” for me, and I take no withdrawals, for any reason, until I have enough saved up for another awesome getaway.

In the past three years, Rick and I have been to Victoria, BC, Cabo San Lucas, Hawaii (twice), Italy, Austria, England, and Scotland. And next fall we’ll be taking a cruise from Copenhagen, all the way around Europe to Venice! We’ll see nine countries in 18 days! From the White Cliffs of Dover, to the Rock of Gibraltar, to the Isle of Sicily, and so much more!

Think you can’t afford to travel? Think again! If Rick and I can manage to squeeze these fabulous vacations out of our fixed pensions, you too can find the money to travel. And whether you choose to live on Maui full time, or rent an RV and travel the continental USA, follow your heart and enjoy the ride! Start living your dreams today, baby! Life is way too short not to!

This post concludes my Maui travel series. A-LO-HA!