There are few things I enjoy more than going out to see a good movie. And there are few movies better than the classic Wizard of Oz. Hard to believe the timeless (and definitely iconic) film is currently celebrating its 75th anniversary.

I wonder how many times I’ve seen it? Or watched selected portions of it? I’m sure the number is well into the double digits—the only movie in the entire history of filmmaking that’s fully engaged my scattered attention more than three or four times.

And I wonder how many “theories” there are that speak to the deeper meaning behind the alleged children’s story. Cause the one thing we can all agree on, is that this story is not just for kids. A short cruise on the Internet will bring up at least seven rather popular, if not entirely plausible, theories.

But I don’t give a whit about whether The Wizard is a religious allegory, a parable on populism, or deeply symbolic, enmeshed in something called “The Glinda Conspiracy.” The Wizard is a good story, a delightful movie, and a well-spent afternoon.

I saw The Wizard a week or so ago at an IMAX theater in Portland. It was in 3-D. Yes! That’s right! 3-D! How they pulled that rabbit out of a 1939 celluloid film is totally beyond me, but they did a truly admirable job.

Somehow I managed to keep from singing along with every familiar tune, but you can bet your ticket stub I wanted to… Lions and tigers and bears not withstanding!