A ticket to the 2013 World Series last week cost anywhere from $110 for nosebleed seats (bring your binoculars) to $1,040 for the lower level cushy comfort behind home plate. A single hot dog and a large beverage ran close to $15. A program was another $15. And don’t even get me started on the fluctuating prices to park.

In 1946, a winning player’s bonus was $3,742.34. A mere 67 years later, it’s $377,002.64. That’s an easy math problem—it’s just over100 times as much!

I did my part to protest this amazing sports inflation. I attended no baseball games this year. None. Nada. Zero. Nyet. Zilch

By the time I drive to Safeco field and back, it’s over 300 miles. That equates to at least 12 gallons of gas, or close to $50. Parking said car is about $20. The stadium level at which I can still see the ball costs me another $50, and I don’t go to the games alone, so that’s $100 for admission.

Major League Mariner Dogs are $6.50, plus soda, $4.75, plus garlic fries, $5.50, times two, so guesstimate another $35 for food. Without any peanuts.

So two people going from the peninsula to even one Mariners’ game costs a little more than $200. And that’s if we don’t spend the night in Seattle.

But when they’re winning… Well, if I live long enough for the M’s to have another winning season, well, then I’ll budget the money to go. There’s nothing like the rush of being there, live and in person, rooting with thousands of other fans.

Maybe next year will be the year the M’s get it together… One can always dream!