Today starts a three-day weekend for a lot of working folks. Veterans’ Day is always on November 11, and this year it falls on Monday.

I love Veterans. My grandfather served during WWI, my father served during the Korean Conflict, and many of my friends and former students have proudly worn a military uniform at some point in their lives.

And I’d like to take each and every one of them out to lunch or dinner on Monday, just to say “Thanks. You stepped up to serve our country and I’m grateful.”

But since it’s not economically (or geographically) feasible for me to take them all out to eat, lots of restaurants are stepping up to help me out.

Applebee’s and The Golden Corral are giving away a free meal to current or retired military. Other restaurants are offering free or discounted select meals or menu items. I encourage all card-carrying Veterans to check out the offers online (Google them!) and take full advantage of as many benefits as you can.

God Bless You, Veterans. I appreciate your service.