This particular phenomena is also know as “The Domino Effect,” “The Ripple Effect,” “The Slippery Slope,” and “That’s One Fine Mess You’ve Gotten Us Into Now, Ollie!”

Ok, so maybe I made that last one up, but I think it aptly summaries the chain of events that began with the not-so-simple task of sorting through the blouses hanging in two of my bedroom closets. (see previous post)

“Action begets action,” and once I got started, I became slightly obsessed. First the blouses, then the eight bureau drawers of t-shirts I’ve collected to commemorate this or that trip or event. (yes, eight!) Next came the slacks.

The slacks posed more of a problem than any other item of clothing. The slacks are fickle. Whereas I’m more than 10 pounds less than when I previously (and comfortably) wore some of these pants, my body seems to have sabotaged my efforts by adding a few inches around my middle.

So I threw a class 1-A temper-tantrum. Yep, I cried, pouted, and threw clothing around in disgust. I vented and wailed and carried on like a two-year-old for quite some time. And at the end of the day… Well, surprise, surprise, the slacks still didn’t fit.

The only thing left to do was to calmly go back through those pants and discard anything that would never, ever, fit like they used to. Except that the word “calmly” apparently isn’t a word I’m familiar with, so I had to get testy all over again.

Eventually, however, I persevered, and after several more hours spent gnashing my teeth to no avail, I hauled off another couple bags of clothing to the thrift shop.

Next up are my underwear drawers. Yes, drawers, as in plural. But I can’t stop now, I’m on a roll!