Researchers have concluded that the story of George Washington chopping down his father’s cherry tree, then immediately ‘fessing up to it when questioned, was likely made up by a biographer after George’s death.

Yet the story continues to be taught in elementary classrooms today, and all across our country, there are “no lie free pie” advertising promotions.

So what else do we think we know about our first president? Here’s a little true or false quiz:

1) Were Washington’s teeth made of wood?

2) Did Washington receive 100% of the 69 electoral votes?

3) Did Washington throw a silver dollar across the Potomac River?

4) Did Washington free his slaves?

5) Did Washington wear a wig?

6) Did Washington live in the White House?

The only “Yes” answers are to numbers 2 and 4.***

Surprised? Yeah, me too! I can’t imagine so many perpetuated myths about our first president—not at all like present day, right?

***For complete explanations of the answers, check out this site: