“The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” as my father used to say. And a mere month ago, I was so sure, so absolutely, positively, sure I’d be able to keep to a definite writing schedule that I set what I considered to be easily-obtainable goals and—gulp!—broadcast them all here on the Internet!

But time and time again I’m reminded that “the best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray,” and alas, I fell victim to what I lovingly call “Life Intervening.” And the bottom line is that other than my blog posts, I have not written.

And so, it is with hat in hand that I beg the forgiveness of my loyal readers. I have fallen far short of my own bar of expectation, which is not to say that I have accomplished nothing in the interim, but far different than I had believed attainable.

Summing up what got in my way the past three weeks is tough… It was “Educational” (Attending the KCACTF in Boise), “Stressful” (Rick had another heart procedure), “Exhilarating” (I bought a new mustang!), “Expensive” (See previous entry), “Emotional” (From the VA hospital to the Academy Awards, I spent a few minutes every day in some kind of tears), “Surprising” (I lost weight?!), “Anxious” (I yearned to get my butt back to the keyboard), “Passionate/Hormonal” (Overwhelming feelings in all areas), and “Exhausted” (It’s definitely time to be home).

So I’m gathering my bootstraps and looking forward to some degree of “calm” here at home. Calm in which I plan to write my little heart out.

But then I’m reminded that the best laid plans… Yeah, here we go again…