I’m happy to see March go… Emotionally, the month has been one hell of a roller coaster ride.

The “highs” have included dressing up for the Academy Awards, the Cheshire-cat thrill of driving my new Mustang, and staying 100% within my targeted “weight window” (dare we call it “maintenance”?)

And I’m doing my best to focus on those highs while gently letting the “lows” go. But the month is ending with the still raw memories of a year ago: Mom died on March 25th and was buried on April 1.

Those dates will never change. And when I add in the fact that my beloved Aunt Jo died last year on March 13th, it’s clear as the nose on my face that March will always suck.

Other than ripping March off my yearly calendars, there’s not much I can do but live with it. “They say” that time will make it less painful, and I’m looking forward to that elusive and nonspecific “time” when I hurt a little less.

I realize I wrote about grief just a few days ago. As Mom would say, “Big Wally-Whoop.” It’s not like I have a lot of readers who will take me to task for that. It’s my blog, and I’ll write what I want.

“Big Wally-Whoop.” I swear I heard her voice when I typed that. And I smiled. And now I’m crying again. Yep, the month has been a roller coaster ride, and I’m grateful for every one of the twists and turns.

But I’ll be “gladder than glad” to put this month behind me. Mom used to say that, too.