“If there’s a gold tabby in the group,” I’d hinted to Rick several weeks prior to the kittens’ birth, “you could name him Theo.”

“Him or her, Theo would work,” Rick agreed. And when the Mama cat gave birth to her litter of six kittens, the very first one to arrive, under Rick’s bed, no less, was of course, a gold tabby.

“If he/she hadn’t already been named,” observed Rick a few days later, “we could have called him/her ‘Loudmouth’. I’ve never heard such a vocal kitten!”

The kittens are now exactly one month old. On wobbly legs, they’ve begun exploring their universe OUTSIDE THE BOX, and Theo is often the leader of the pack. He/she and Rick are bonding well, and I’m glad Rick will have his own “Little Buddy” with him there in Hillsboro, as I have Alvin and Simon with me in Long Beach.

We have already set the plan in motion for “The Chipmunks” to get together in July, when Theo is weaned and ready to become a “Commuter Cat.” I am absolutely certain the three of them will get along famously, and look forward to watching The Three Little Kittens and their amusing antics.

All six in the litter have found homes, and the Mama cat will soon be spayed. Theo will also be neutered long before he/she becomes sexually active. He/she was unplanned, and mark my words, there will be no more  “accidents” on the horizon.

But seriously… How can you look at this sweet little face, and the look on Rick’s face, too, and consider Theo anything but a divine product of God’s perfect grace?

Viva la kitten!