A funny thing happened after I successfully crossed the Capilano Suspension Bridge a couple weeks ago. I suddenly became fearless (at least temporarily!).

At the far end of the bridge, there’s another concession stand, picnic tables, restrooms, and signposts pointing the way to many other adventures. Raptor’s Ridge and Nature’s Edge were out along the canyon cliffs, and since I’d done one harrowing Cliff Walk already, I decided to pass on those.

Looking up, I could see what appeared to be boardwalks spanning the distance between tree platforms 30 or so feet from the ground, and excitedly climbed up some stairs into a “tree house” to check it all out.

I discovered there were eight platforms surrounding eight trees, but those weren’t solid boardwalks connecting them—they were short, narrow, suspension bridges!

Good grief!

I turned around and discovered people climbing up the stairs behind me, blocking my exit. Just like the Cliff Walk, this adventure had been designed as a one-way journey.

What the heck! I took hold of the cable handrail and started across the first span. I made it safely to the first observation deck and read the interpretive sign there about the flora and fauna. Quite educational.

I took the second connecting bridge, read the information, and walked out on the next bridge without giving it a thought. There was a sudden lightness to my step. At the fourth platform I stopped to take a quick physical inventory. Nothing hurt! My knees, ankles, hips—everything felt awesome!

By the time I got to the fifth landing, I never wanted to come back down. I was a little tree squirrel, scurrying among the branches, joyous and free!

And that thought gave me the giggles, so I came back down before I made a total fool of myself. Am I nuts, or what?