The Cliff Walk, the Suspension Bridge, the Treetop Adventure—what more could a person ask for to challenge her inner scaredy cat in one day?

Yep, I pushed my luck and boarded the gondola to the top of Grouse Mountain.

If you’ve been reading along on this series of adventures, you know that Grouse Mountain had been closed due to heavy fog 24 years ago when I was last here. This time it was sunny and warm and one could see a very long ways from the top.

But first, one has to get there, and that meant riding the largest gondola in North America. Wowza! What a trip! And yes, I kept my eyes open the whole time.

Upon arrival, I scoured the waterfront below and could could make out “Canada Place,”, where I’d eaten the night before. Sitting on the ground enjoying a popsicle, I watched as hang gliders flew on the updraft from the peak.

So now that I’m safely standing on firma terra, I’ll say that the trip was well worth it, and not too bad at all—a very smooth ride, except when the gondola took a swing and a jump and a plunge as it cleared each tower.

Nevertheless, I’d do it again!