“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is never truer than when I try to figure out what makes some art instantly appeal to me, while some otherwise “acclaimed” paintings threaten to turn my stomach.

I like bright colors. I like realistic images. But I also like impressionistic avant garde “fun” paintings. In truth, there’s not a lot of rhyme or reason for choosing the pictures I bring into my home.

So when I had an opportunity to add a few pieces to Rick’s apartment, it was even more fun to pick things I like that I thought he’d like too.

Picture one, above left, was a no-brainer. Rick and I went to Italy in May, 2012, and this picture looks a lot like the Amalfi Coast. I fell in love with it immediately.

Picture two, on the right, is a deck near the water with a plentitude of hanging fuschia baskets. My best guess is that those particular red and white flowers are called “Swingtime.” I love fuschias, and plant hanging baskets (as my mother did) every year. I even have a fuschia (and hummingbird) tattoo.

Picture three, back on the left, just makes me happy. I hung it in Rick’s office on a hugely naked and waiting wall, and as I work here on his computer, glancing up at it always gives me reason to smile.

I guessed correctly; Rick loves all three pictures. And the best part? Two of those pieces of art came from thrift shops and one from a garage sale. Total spent: Less than $15. And that makes me quite delirious with joy!