I cleaned out my DVR the other day. Deleted everything I’d watched, or didn’t care to ever watch, changed the settings on a few shows, added a few, and generally tidied things up. And when I was finished with my technological housekeeping, I had to stop to laugh at myself.

Now generally, once I watch something, it’s done, and I do not need (or have the time) to see it again. But in my cache, I saved four programs. Four very different programs. And it immediately occurred to me that my entire life could be summed up and psychologically examined by what I had chosen to keep.

And since the NSA already knows what shows I saved, my faithful blog readers may as well also enjoy the insights into how my brain works.

1) The Night that Changed America: The fabulous special on the Fab Four. The 50-year anniversary of the night The Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.

2) Bull Durham: The movie starring Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon, which is arguably the very best romance with a baseball backdrop ever made.

3) The 2014 Kentucky Derby (complete with all the pre-race back stories): California Chrome, a “rags to riches” horse, claims the roses and inspires soaring hope for the “Dumb Ass” little guys everywhere.

4) Dancing with the Stars, 2014 finale: In my opinion, Meryl and Maks dancing for the trophy is one of the most romantic and knee-swooning moments ever broadcast.

So there you have it: My brain in a nutshell.

Now I have to ask: What shows have YOU saved? Go take a look. Take your psyche for a little spin. A DVR is a lot cheaper than therapy…