This year’s Northwest Garlic Festival is coming right up! Hard to believe, but the fledgling festival begun in 1982 in the Ark Restaurant parking lot (yes, I was there), continues to get bigger and better every year, and on June 20-21, on the Wilson Field (25815 Sandridge Road) in Ocean Park, we’ll celebrate The “34th Annual” event.

Garlic doesn’t actually grow well here, which is one of the reasons the festival is a very “happy surprise” for clove-lovin’ attendees. There are vendor booths galore, and the sky’s the limit on creative ways to use the odiferous bulbs.

Garlic cookies? Maybe… Garlic ice cream? It’s better than you think… But unless everyone in your party is indulging in the goodies, be sure to bring your favorite mouthwash, or prepare to ride in the trunk on the way home!

Summer fun on the peninsula is gearing up for a great season. Come check it out! You know you want to! And remember: “It’s chic to reek!”