All that shopping made us hungry, so Don took us to my first authentic Korean barbecue, right on the corner of one of the market alley intersections.

We sat on short plastic stools at a small, low, round table with a big hole (recessed area) in the center. Our grill arrived, and was inserted into the sleeved hole. Deep inside were briquettes which heated the barbecue.

Three large pork steaks arrived on a platter and Don immediately placed two on the hot grill with the tongs they provided. Bowls of onions, sliced garlic, and assorted vegetables filled the small table surrounding the grill.

Don was handed a pair of kitchen shears. As the meat cooked, he turned it, then used the shears to cut it up along already-scored lines. A large basket of red leaf lettuce, a lot like romaine, provided us with outer “wraps” for the meat and veggies.

Miriam and I were like little birds, mouths open wide, scarfing up most of the first two meats, and it’s a good thing Don was smart enough to set some aside for himself!

It was a delicious DIY meal of the first order, and we all had a great time—maybe Miriam and me a little more than Don. Ha!

After such a fine and satisfying lunch, one would think we wouldn’t want anything more—and one would be wrong! We just couldn’t pass up the decadent dark chocolate ice cream piled high in fish-shaped waffle cones, complete with wafer cookie and sprinkles.

Miriam’s smile says it all!