DSC05181Bright and early Saturday morning, about half our combined group boarded the bus to head for the nearby port city of Pireaus. There we transferred to a multi-level tour boat for our day “on the water.” IMG_4604

The top level was “open air,” with a tarp covering over the midsection. There, a band played throughout the day, and “Zorba the Greek Lessons” were given early on.

DSC05220The boat had two bars and two “dining” areas, one of them more of a daytime snack bar, and the other a darker-wood, more formal dining room, where our buffet was held.DSC05221

The journey was as much fun as arriving at the destination, and we had stellar weather and a soft breeze all day long.

DSC05209DSC05214 I spent the first hour out of port on the top deck, as evidenced by my feet here on the railing as we sailed out to sea.

Below me, others slathered on the sunscreen and enjoyed the relative peace and quiet on the bow as the boat sliced through the unbelievably calm water of the Aegean Sea.DSC05189DSC05207

We passed island after island, each with its own little quirky charm, on our way to Hydra, our first of three island destinations, but no one on board seemed to be in any particular hurry to get there.




It was like sailing on our own private yacht!