DSC05236The first of our three island stops was on the quaint little island of Hydra. Hydra became famous in 1957 when Sophia Loren came here to film “Boy on a Dolphin,” the story of a poor little sponge diver.DSC05255

Thankfully, fame did not much change this place. Vehicles are prohibited here. The main “transport vehicle” is a donkey. That’s right, a donkey! The place is virtually swarming with them, and yet, I never saw “evidence” of donkey poop anywhere along the pristine port.

DSC05250And speaking of the port… Would you look at that water color? I could do a whole blog series of photos highlighting the various water colors in Greece, and noneDSC05266 of them would be any more gorgeous than right there in Hydra. Absolutely breathtaking!

Karen, the tour guide for Bus #2, led us up a short hill that overlooked the port. There was a cafĂ©, and sunbathers on the rocks down below, and a great place for another photo op. As if the island isn’t just full of them!

DSC05257We hung out in the shade for a bit, then ventured back down to the U-shaped port, and I succumbed to the “tourist attraction” of the donkeys and took quite a few pDSC05262hotos of them as they stood patiently in the sun.

I ventured into a few “happy crap” shops, found some “necessary” souvenirs to pack back home, and listened to the muted sounds of a busy, but hydralics-free port. It was like stepping back in time!