DSC05295We left Hydra and journeyed on to Poros. In comparison, Poros had hills that were less steep, and more rounded, and overall looked more like a tsunami-warning flatland than a volcanic island.DSC05305

Our time was extremely limited here, just a 30 minute stopover, and since we’d just completed our buffet lunch, I decided I’d just go looking for a little gelato to top off the meal. And within 150 yards of DSC05295the dock, I encountered not one, not two, but THREE gelato shops! Oh happy day!DSC05300

Then I got back on board and looked through some of the photos I’d taken of the water on this trip. The tranquil Aegean Sea, in all its aqua, turquoise, teal, and azure beauty!

I’m still quite enthralled by it! After all, “teal” is my JanBonoBooks “signature color!”