IMG_4950I’ve lived here 38 years, and I’d never gone done to Waikiki Beach to watch the big surf waves crash against the bluff beneath Cape Disappointment until about a week ago.IMG_4969

I needed to get to Astoria in a pickup truck to bring home a BIG Christmas tree, and the friend I found who had the time and was willing to take me over and back in her truck was starting her day at Cape D, camera in hand, hoping, like but unlike a California surfer, to catch the perfect wave.

IMG_4983In order for her not to drive another 20 miles coming back up the peninsula to get me, I rode along, cell phone in hand, using that to record any photos I might want.IMG_4955

That, in itself, was kind of embarrassing. Everyone else seem to be loaded with tripods, telephoto lenses and beach umbrellas to keep the rain off their obviously expensive cameras.

IMG_4965Nevertheless, I went and stood under a tree in an attempt to shelter my phone and took a few dozen gray and misty photos. None of them are anything to write home about. But after we went and sat in the truck for a few more minutes to watch the show, well, THEN the waves sure appeared with a stormy vengeance!IMG_4984