th-1 We’ve all done it.

At one time or another, we’ve all been driving along and suddenly wonder how we got to where we are with no conscious memory of how we got there.

And I don’t know about you, but it totally freaks me out.

I try to be a very alert driver. I watch both sides of the road for any possible animals straying out too far, glance into my rear view mirror several times each minute, and hardly ever play the radio while I

Nevertheless, I’m guilty of occasionally “going into the zone” and finding myself oblivious to my surroundings for several miles—especially when driving familiar roads, like along the bay, which I’ve done for 38 years. It’s almost like being on automatic pilot. Only more dangerous!

th-4Often, when I’m driving alone, I like to think about the plot of my next book, or a scene in which I’m working to smooth out, or maybe even my next blog post. What keeps me “present” at those times is that when I get one of those “light bulb ideas,” I pull off the road to write it down before I forget!

On my to Elma for a Holiday Bazaar last month, it took me over two hours to drive from Long Beach to South Bend, because I kept pulling over to jot something down. Funny how I get so many ideas when behind the wheel—or in the shower—or doing dishes—or just starting to fall asleep at

And I guess that’s what meditation is all about. Going into a relaxed state in which the mind is freed up for more creative endeavors. I just wish I could bring it on when I’m sitting at the keyboard!