th-5For close to a year now, I’ve had two “Guest Blogs” posted on the Cranky Fitness site every month. It began late last December, when I contacted 15 “health and fitness” bloggers to see if they’d like a brief respite in their own posting while I promoted my book “Back from Obesity” in an entertaining and informative way.

I do, after all, know a bit about the constant weight management journey, and I offered my queries as a “Win-Win” situation. Two of the 15 took me up on it. One gal just wanted me to respond to a “Q&A” format, which I did. The other, Jan Graham, the original “Crabby McSlacker,” asked if I’d be willing to send guest blogs on an ongoing basis, and I jumped at the chance.

So somewhere around the end of each month, I sent two posts, complete with photos, that either talked about exercising or eating challenges, and how to tackle them. I used excerpts from my book, my travel adventures, and my offbeat humor, which aligns well with Jan’s, to fill the spot and give her some time to work on her novel. (These blog posts eat up huge amounts of writing time and energy!)iambossy+rocks

And suddenly, a year passed—poof!—just like that! And Jan has made some progress on her book, and I have sold a few of my own (mostly eBooks, which do not have the photos!), and all has been well. But now—now I’m thinking it may be time to turn my attention inward, to my own next novel. And that means some revamping of how I spend my keyboard hours. As we all know, there’s only so many hours in a day, week, month, life.

I’ve concluded my year’s commitment to Crabby, so I’m cutting that one loose. I’ve made a great friend there, and appreciate her style, and hope to keep that connection strong as we both move forward in our writing endeavors.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to check out her take on “Healthy living is a pain in the ass,” here’s her website address:

Onward and upward!