champagneA Dream List looks suspiciously like a delineation of goals or “New Year’s Resolutions.” The difference is that when you spin it this way, you’re a lot more likely to smile instead of grimace as you write them. The focus is not on what you need to “fix,” and all the self-flagelation that accompanies the guilt of not having done this sooner, but on what you’re happy and excited and eager to be accomplishing this year.

At least, that’s the theory.

My Dream List for 2016 includes 1) writing the third book in the Sylvia Avery Mystery Series, 2) selling the 2,000 (not exaggerating!) books already stored in my guest room, and 3) staying alive.

And I figure I’ve got a pretty good shot at numbers one and two if I manage to accomplish number three.

The “Law of Attraction” tells us that what we put our energy, attention, and focus on grows larger. For the past month, I’ve been obsessively worrying about my heart issues, and concerned to the point of neurotic about every little tap dance and jitterbug my chest muscle goes through.

I can’t help it—this is all new to me. Up until now, I’ve been incredibly healthy and strong, despite my knee problems, which started over four decades ago.

So what’s on your list today? What goals and dreams do you hope to accomplish in 2016? Take them and multiply by two or three and see how THAT feels… Then go for it!