Morph, short for “metamorphosis” —an emergence, or change.

I started writing this blog on January 15, 2009. I wanted to create “an online presence” for agents, publishers, and readers who might like to find out how I think before “signing on” to buying my future books. At the time I had only one book published, but I was dreaming BIG.

In February of 2009, my “hoster’s server,” or some such animal, had a hiccup, and I “lost” all the blogs I’d posted.

Back then, I wrote blogs in WORD, and pasted them in when they were “Internet Ready,” so “all” I had to do to reclaim my first posts was to patiently post them again, in a marathon work session on February 17th. Back then, I posted on “odd-numbered days” and didn’t add photos. I kept up that posting schedule for quite a while.

After several years, I went to “the first of every month, and every day that divides by three.” That meant that instead of posting 16 times a month, I was posting 11. Did that for several more years, now including photos with each post.

The exception to my schedule was when I wrote in-depth travel blogs, totally “photo-driven” with up to a dozen illustrations of the things I had seen. At those times—telling all about my adventures in Italy, Austria, England, Scotland, Korea, China and Japan, I wrote every other day again, sometimes for months.

So now, six YEARS into creating an entertaining and informative blog, I’m taking another hard look at my writing schedule. Based on the number of readers (which is unfortunately rather absymally small), not too many are going to miss this rambling if I reduced the posts to “the first of the month and every day that divides by five.” So I’ll be checking in seven times a month (six in February).

So that’s the current plan. Subject to another morphing, of course.