Starting Tuesday afternoon, January 12th, and running for six weeks, I was supposed to be teaching a writing class for “seniors” (over 50) at the Columbia Education Center (Gray’s Harbor College’s Ilwaco campus). The official title was: “Write what you know: Personal experience, family stories, and memoirs.”

It was a relatively “cheap” class—$37.05 for two hours each Tuesday for six weeks—so if anyone had ever entertained thoughts of getting their stories down on paper, this was their BIG CHANCE.

Notice that the first two paragraphs are written in past tense?

When it got down to the wire, there weren’t enough names on the roster, and the whole thing was canceled. My hours and hours of prep invested went right down the toilet.

So I’m looking for the silver lining… You know, that “something better” we all want to believe is lurking there, just waiting for the opportunity to jump right in and surprise us with its serendipitous timing…

Meanwhile, I’ve got those steadily depressing, low down, mind-messing, working in the car wash blues…

And on top of it all, I’ve got technical difficulties with mt desktop computer and I’m trying to make do with one finger on my iPad. Aaaccckkk!!