tumorHello Friends!

I realize I dropped the ball here, and didn’t let you know I’d come through the surgery okay. That was my bad… It’s been 4 months now since they cut the tumor out of my heart. It was benign. I am “fine,” but not fully recovered yet.

It’s still a long haul after they stop your heart and deflate your lungs and “crack you like a lobster,” according to my surgeon. I am easily exhausted, sleep too much in the middstaplesle of the day, and have no stamina, even for standing.

But I’m still kicking. That’s the good news.

Meanwhile, here’s a few photos to ruin your breakfast (or lunch, or whenever you check in here). The first is the tumor… I named it Walter… The second is the row of staples on my chest, removIMG_5945ed after two weeks. The third is how my chest scar looks today, four months post-op… Actually, it has a tough ridge to it, which doesn’t show up well, but it’s better than I expected at this point.

I still don’t know what, or how, or IF this blog will continue… Thanks for checking in.


Hugs and blessings,